Environmental Activities

Efforts in Product

1. Environmental Consideration for Products

We started ECO promotion project in July 2005 to comply with the RoHS Directive of EU by removing or reducing specific hazardous substances, and finished to make all Koganei-brand products in compliance with the RoHS Directive in the July of 2006.

  • We are changing the packing materials from petroleum type (styro-foam type) to bio-decomposition type (bran or corn type).
  • In case of a large quantity of orders, if agreed by customers, we disuse individual package boxes and make use of simple package due to air pack etc. In case of periodic orders, we use delivery boxes to decrease package materials and wastes at customer’s sites.
  • As life cycle assessment, we check up hazardous substances used in the products and make a ban or reduction of such substances. We installed fluorescence X-ray analysis equipments at the Komagane Plant in 2003 and at the Koganei Plant in 2005 to detect and analyze hazardous substances for the acceptance inspection of parts and components from the suppliers.
  • We were certified as a Green Partner by CANON as well as by SONY. In order to ensure customer’s environmental quality, we respond to customer’s inquiry of hazardous substances inspection on our products.

From now on, we will continue to tackle with the environmental activities corresponding to customer’s needs. Especially, if you have a request to reduce package materials, contact a Koganei sales person in your area.

2. New Products to the RoHS Directive

A part of new products released to the RoHS Directive enforced in July 2006 without hazardous six substances are shown here;

  • Solenoid Valve F10 and F15 Series

    Using a low-watt solenoid (0.1W) we have achieved low power consumption. Additionally, our single/double dual use valves and different diameter fittings reduce the number of different maintenance parts and can decrease the man hours required for maintenance management and on-site installation.

    Solenoid valve F10 and F15 series
  • Flow Meter FA Series

    Generally speaking, the compressor power consumption is about 16% of factory energy consumption, and it may become 40% according to the type of industry. In addition, it is said that 20% of compressed air produced at factory is consumed in vain due to air leakage. In order to avoid such waste, Flow Meter FA Series is released. It is very helpful to find air leakage, to grasp proper usage, and to prevent excessive operation of a compressor.

    Flow Meter FA Series
  • DB Scale Separators

    Our DBSS series of DB scale separators for improving the quality of recirculating cooling water physically separate and remove scales and corrosive elements from the recirculating cooling water in cooling towers. Thanks to the energy savings achieved through the use of less water and power, they help reduce CO2 emissions and environmental impact. In this way we are contributing to the creation of an earth-friendly environment with less CO2 emissions and chemicals.

    DB scale separators