Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We fully understand the importance of protecting personal information, and will strive to protect personal information appropriately based on the following policy.

1. Collection of Personal Information

We will obtain personal information by lawful and fair means.

2. Use of Personal Information

When obtaining personal information, we will notify the subject of the purposes of use. We will handle personal information within the necessity to carry out our services.
When sharing or entrusting personal information to a third party, we will exercise appropriate supervision over the third party to ensure proper management of personal information security.

3. Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

Except the cases in which the provision of personal information is based on laws and regulations, we will not disclose or provide personal information to third parties without your prior consent.

4. Handling of Personal Information

We will take necessary control of security to keep personal information accurate and secure.
We will take all possible measures to prevent leakage of personal information.

5. Disclosure, Correction, Suspension of Use, and Deletion of Personal Information

We recognize that individuals have the right to request for the disclosure, correction, suspension of use, deletion of their own personal information. When requested, we will promptly respond without objection upon confirming the identity.

6. Organizational measures

We place a person in charge to appropriately handle gathered personal information.
We will ensure proper handling and protection of personal information during regular operations by providing training to all officers and employees.

7. Formulation, Implementation, Maintenance and Improvement of Personal Information Protection Compliance Program

To execute this Policy, we have formulated a Personal Information Protection Compliance Program (including this Policy, the Personal Information Protection Rules, and other rules and detailed regulations). We disseminate this program to employees and concerned personnel to implement, maintain, and continuously improve it.

April 1, 2009

Privacy Policy (on website)

Koganei Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Koganei) considers it an important social responsibility to properly protect personal information related to its customers (hereinafter referred to as Personal Information).Also, in order to enable our customers to use the Koganei's Web Site (hereinafter referred to as this Site) with confidence, we inform customers who have registered with this Site of Koganei's policy regarding the handling and protection of personal information of said customers.

1. Registration of Personal Information

Our customer will be requested to register his/her Personal Information with this Site in any of the following cases:

1-1. When a customer purchases a Koganei commodity;
1-2. When a customer makes a request for materials such as a catalog of Koganei's commodities;
1-3. When a customer uses a service provided through Koganei Information Content;
1-4. When a customer applies for subscription to the Koganei Electronic Mail Magazine;

In any of the above-mentioned cases, the customer is requested to register his/her Personal Information including the customer's name, e-mail address and other necessary data. Please note in advance that if a customer does not register his/her Personal Information, he/she will be able to use this Site but may not be able to access some of the pages or use some of the services of Koganei for which the registration of Personal Information is required.

2. Control of Personal Information

Koganei will exercise all due diligence in controlling Personal Information.In addition, Koganei will implement appropriate control so as to maintain Personal Information in an accurate and up-to-date condition and prevent any unauthorized access, loss, destruction, alteration, disclosure, re-provision or any similar acts related thereto (except for the cases set forth in the section 4. Disclosure of information to a third party herein).

3. Purpose of use of Personal Information

Personal Information registered by our customers will be treated as confidential and used for the purpose of facilitating the relationship between our customers and Koganei.Any information related to our customers, orders from our customers or commodities purchased by our customers will not be used at any time for any other purpose than to provide Koganei's services or information to the relevant customers.

4. Disclosure of information to a third party

In principle, Koganei will not disclose Personal Information of any customer to a third party unless it has obtained, the prior approval and consent of the relevant customer as a principal to do so.However, in any of the following cases, Koganei may be allowed to disclose the Personal Information of its customers:
4-1. Use to facilitate the external commissioning of work In the event that Koganei is to commission part of the work to an outside contractor or similar for the purpose of processing data or providing commodities, services, documents, information or similar to its customers, implementing a campaign or questionnaire survey, or conducting an audit, Koganei may be allowed to entrust, provision or perform a similar act related to the Personal Information under the strict control of Koganei and within the minimum scope necessary to perform such part of the work.
4-2. Use in compliance with the law In the case where Koganei is forced to disclose Personal Information to a third party by any court, administrative agency or competent authority based on public grounds or for reasons in the public interest, Koganei may disclose Personal Information if it has no legitimate reason to refuse to disclose it and has difficulty in obtaining the approval of the relevant customer.
4-3. Use in the case where Koganei determines that disclosure of Personal Information is necessary

5. Security

Koganei uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol to protect personal information to be managed strictly.

6. Use of cookies

Part of this Site contains some pages for which cookies are used in order to enable our customers to use this Site more conveniently.Please note in advance that if a customer has changed the setting for use of cookies with the browser and refused to use cookies, he/she may not be able to use all or part of the services.

What is a cookie?

A system by which the provider of a Web Site can make data to be temporarily written and saved in a visitor's computer through the Web browser.It is possible to have information related to users, the date and time of the last visit to the site and number of visits to the site kept recorded in a cookie.Cookies are used for the purpose of identifying users and are utilized as one form of technology for certification systems and personalization systems and to customize services through www for each user.

7. Revision of Policy for Protection of Personal Information

Koganei carries out control and use of Personal Information in compliance with Japanese laws and regulations.Koganei may revise the Policy for Protection of Personal Information reflecting any change in any applicable law or regulation in Japan in order to further ensure the protection of Personal Information or for other reasons.In the event that any revision has been effected, the contents of the revision will be exposed on this Site.

8. Contact for inquiries regarding handling of personal information

3-11-28, Midori-cho, Koganei City, Tokyo, 184-8533, Japan
Sales Promotion Department
Koganei Corporation
Phone: +81-42-383-7141 Fax: +81-42-383-7206

Revised April 1, 2009