Quality Efforts

Quality Efforts

Quality Activities

Koganei's Commitment to the Quality

Koganei quality stance is to pursue the quality trusted and satisfied by customers. In other words, Koganei will supply safe, reliable and satisfying products and services to customers by viewing products and services from customers’ perspective and standpoint, and this customer-oriented stance is the very basis of all activities. Koganei obtained ISO9001 certification, and has executed quality management since then in order to effectively and continuously carry out quality improvement activities.

Contents of Certification & Places Certified by ISO9001

Contents of Certification

Scope of Quality Management System

Design, production, sales and after-sales services of
pneumatic equipments,
hydraulic components,
fueling devices,
static electricity removing units,
electric equipments,
medium control equipments,
environment equipments and related products.


Certified Places

Head office

3-11-28, Midori-cho, Koganei City, Tokyo, Japan

Komagane plant

2-6-1, Iizaka, Komagane City, Nagano, Japan

Sales division

Sendai Office / Yamagata Office / Tokyo Office / Nishi-Tokyo Office / Kita-Kanto Office / Minami-Kanto Office / Nagano Office / Ueda Office / Kanazawa Office / Shizuoka Office / Nagoya Office / Kyoto Office / Osaka Office / Kobe Office / Hiroshima Office / Fukuoka Office / Kumamoto Office / Branch offices / Representative Offices

Quality Policy

The Koganei Corporation is committed to being a strong market presence, earning the trust of our customers by making the name Koganei synonymous with quality. To this end, Koganei is in constant pursuit of product safety and security.

To achieve our goal, we base our business on the following policies:

1. Customer Oriented

Koganei aims to provide superior products and services that "grow and develop with our customers"

2. Response to Changes

We at Koganei always believe things can be done better, so aim to effect visible change by "reappraisal of, and breaking with, precedent."

3. Speed

Koganei bases its actions on the principle of being there (physically going to the place where an issue has arisen), the thing (inspecting the physical object/s that is/are at the center of the issue), and doing there and then whatever is required to resolve the issue. We first thoroughly appraise the situation, “clarify our objectives, and then take action."

4. Learning

We at Koganei are constantly aiming for “self-realization and personal growth" in order to improve the knowledge and skills needed for our business.

5. Motivation

We maintain and enforce Koganei’s in-house standards at all times, and are engaged in an ongoing task of improvement based on “a maximization of options available to us."

We set out to achieve this in the spirit of enjoying the work we do.

April 1, 2016

Koganei Corporation

Yoshimitsu Okamura, President