Environmental Activities

Environmental Policy

Through provision of reliable service and sincere manufacturing to our customers, Koganei pursues a vision of a high-quality brand, and also to become a strong corporation which peruses safety and security.

In order to achieve these objectives, we will implement the following policies:

1. Environmentally Friendly Design

From initial materials selection to final disposal, we offer products designed in consideration of their environmental qualities.

2. Promotion of the "3 Rs Initiative"

We are proceeding with plans to "Reduce,” "Reuse," and "Recycle."

3. Promotion of (Mutually) Beneficial Activities

By actively participating in both in-house and local environmental initiatives, we seek to contribute to society and fulfill our corporate responsibilities.

4. Protection against Pollution

We conduct in-house environmental education and training, and actively take measures to prevent pollution and conserve the environment.

5. Compliance and Environmental Improvements

While observing all domestic and foreign laws and regulations, and honoring customer and regional conventions, we continuously strive to facilitate environmental improvements that will result in smooth integration with daily operations.

This environmental policy shall be transmitted to all Koganei employees through educational and public relations activities.

April 1, 2019

Koganei Corporation

Yoshimitsu Okamura, President

Environmental Conservation Activities

In year 2000, Koganei acquired ISO 14001 certification (international standard for environmental management systems) for its Tokyo office and Komagane Plant. Koganei then expanded the scope of the certification and acquired certification for its head office in 2004. When the head office was relocated in 2009, the Tokyo office was renamed head office.
According to the requirements of ISO 14001:2004, Koganei thoroughly reviewed its environmental aspects and created plans for implementing its environmental activities in order to become a more environmentally friendly company.

Summary of Environmental Activities

  • We cooperate with our clients for surveys for contained materials to meet international regulations and requirements on substances controlled for environmental purposes.
  • Every June, which is designated as “Environment Month,” we plan and carry out various environment improvement activities. We participate in an event called the Environment Picnic along the Tenryu River in our community, carry out a clean-up campaign around our work premises, implement eco-commute, provide employees with environmental education and training, and issue a monthly newsletter promoting our activities.
  • We are aware of energy consumption at the head office, Komagane Plant, and sales offices in order to comply with the Energy Saving Act.
  • We guarantee our legal compliance through internal audits.