Koganei, as a pioneer in the pneumatic industry

Supporting factory automation and labor saving in industries by our pneumatic and electronic products, and providing environmentally friendly products.

Pneumatics is changing air that is wherever and infinitely available in the world to power energy. You might seldom see its actual applications, but currently pneumatic equipment is used in production and conveyer lines in almost all industries.

Koganei Corporation is a leading company to serve your factory automation and labor saving requirements with our pneumatic and electronic product range. Productiviy improvements and cost efficiencies are company' s pursuing targets, and they are vital for your competencies. By using pneumatics features which are cleanliness, low cost, and functionality enabling delicate human finger-like movement, we provide solutions required in a wide range of industries. We have also been developing environmentally friendly products used in water purification equipment etc.

We have used pneumatics from of old, but basic theory was established in the 17th century by famous Pascal. In the 19th century, air drills were developed for cutting coals in UK, and it went the first practical use of pneumatics. At the commencement of the 20th century, air brake was employed in trains in Japan. From 1950' s, pneumatics has been used in the automation field of machine equipment, and pneumatic applications have been achieving quantum leap in step with industries' development and expansion.

Pneumatic properties matching semi conductor industry's requirements, and now absolutely necessary in the production lines.

A typical application example of pneumatics is industrial robots. As a substitute of human arms, hands, and figures, pneumatic devices enable subtle movements such as gripping and releasing in an accurate and speedy manner. Other than the industrial applications, roller coaster's brakes, animal shaped moving figures, and mechanical puppet clocks, etc. use pneumatic products. Now, you feel pneumatics close to you, don' t you? Incidentally what is the difference between pneumatics and hydraulics/ electricity? Hydraulics provides large force, but is not good at agile movements, whereas electricity needs gears or other gadgets to move things, and the danger of an electric leak is not negligible. On the other hand, pneumatics is safe due to the use of air, and no contamination, fine movements in smaller equipment space, and even larger power in the same occupied space than electricity are possible. These features just fit the needs of semi conductor industry requiring simple and delicate movements of going back and forth, stopping, rotating, etc, that is essential in the automation of production lines. Primarily Koganei started business from smaller pneumatic products, consequently the process of inserting semi conductors onto printed circuit boards is our strong point. In terms of market shares, Koganei stands out from the rest. We are also developing constant delivery pumps and their peripheral equipment used in resist coating process indispensable to silicon wafer manufacturing lines.