New Products

2017-03-22 NEW

New release of Compliance Light Series

In addition to automatically aligning errors with the position of workpiece insertion, Compliance Light can be used for press fitting processes.
Improves process during workpiece insertion and press fitting.
Lightweight and compact.
High rigidity and withstand load capacity.
The parallel type can be used as a press fitting base.

2017-01-18 NEW

New release of Fluororesin Products Air Operated Micro Valve F-AVPN070 Series

More compact and much lighter.
Compact and lightweight body is suitable for control of small chemical flows.
Uses Flowell 80 series fittings.
No self-loosening of screws with structural change from metal screws fixing to pin fixing.

2017-01-17 NEW

New release of Electrostatic Potential Sensor DTY-EPS01 Series

Introducing small sensors perfect for monitoring static electricity in-line.
These sensors can constantly monitor and measure the static electricity on assembly lines,which would be difficult with handheld measuring devices.
The integrated amplifier allows for low cost and total space saving.

2017-01-10 NEW

New release of Ionizer Wide Area Fan type and Overhead Fan type.

Can eliminate static charge over an extensive range !
Wide Area Fan type - Air supply is not required, and two types can be chosen depending on the installation location and application.
Overhead Fan type - Air supply is not required, louver and discharge needle unit can be removed by one touch, without any tools.

2016-04-11 NEW

New release of Slit Type Rodless Cylinder with lntegrated Guides ORB Series

・New series Bore 20mm [0.787in] and 25mm [0.984in].
・Built-in guide mechanism ! Lightweight (55% less mass). Compact (41% narrower), 
 and high-rigidity ! (ORB compared with the previous ORS10.)
・Minimum operating speed: 30 mm/s Maximum operating speed: 1000mm/s.
・NSF H1 grade food processing machinery spec. available.

2016-03-22 NEW

New release of iB-ZERO Series

・The first in the world ! Integrally molded, all-plastic body !
・Easy assembly: The simple configuration makes assembling the manifold a breeze.
・Simple Selection: All are integrated fitting 
 (select from 4mm[0.157in].6mm[0.236in].8mm[0.315in]).
・Perfect for controling cylinders, starting from small diameters up to 80mm[3.150in].

2016-02-01 NEW

New release of eat resistant spec, clean room spec,and more add to Basic Cylinder !

・NEW Variations ! ・Corrosion resistant.・Heat resistant.・Scraper specifications ・Clean system compatible.
 ・Double rod: Selectiable thread type. and more.
・Possible to create all assembly processes with just BC cylinders!
・Direct mounting; Smallest & Lightest.
・Wide range of variety (Sizes from 6mm to 125mm; Double acting type; double-rod. with guide.).
・Light & Compact; with H1 grease standardized.
・Two-color LED sensor switches available.

2016-02-01 NEW

New release of Vacuum pads Bellows type

・NEW Flourine vacuum pads have been added to our offering for
 specific applications that require no suction marks on surfaces.
・Parfect for handling workpieces at variable heights or with incline surfaces.
・Rubber pad materials: Oil-free fluorine is the solution to suction marks. Halogen-treated NBR. Electroconductive sillicon.

2016-02-01 NEW

New release of Mini Guide Tables Series

・Compact High-Precision Actuators !
・Integration of table guide cylinder.
・High precision mounting: Running parallelism 0.005mm[0.0002in] Parallelism Mounting 0.03mm[0.001in]
・Equipped with linear guides with a 4-point contact system !
・Thin models