New Products

2021-09-29 NEW

New release of Compliance Light θ-free(parallel type)

For workpiece insertion/press fitting and workpiece handling
Absorbs the position error of the X/Y axis

*Light and smooth operation by linear guide adoption
*Optimal for robot hands due to compact and lightweight design
*Complies with ISO9409-1 (JIS B 8436) installation standards
*Sensor switch installation specifications provided
 Position information can also be retrieved by using a linear magnetic sensor controller

2021-09-29 NEW

New release of Multi-Channel Sensor Controller

・1 controller centrally manages any 4 sensors with outputs of 1 to 5 V.
Plus, with the RS485 communication type, up to 16 controllers can be centrally managed! (Maximum of 64 sensor heads).
・Added PNP output type
・RS232C communication, RS485 communication are available as optional.
・Can connect any sensor with 1 to 5V output.
・Pressure and flow sensor heads are available.

2021-05-27 NEW

New release of In-line Filter

*VLF Series, newly released
Prefilter can be use for vacuum or positive pressure. Element can be replaced without tools and maintenance only.
*VSF Series, newly released
Prefilter can be uses for vacuum lines. Filter is internally integrated in socket-type fitting.
*PLF Series
The filter uses porous hollow fiber membrane.
*CLF Series
For microfiltration of general-purpose gases in clean room. Dual-layer structure with a PTFE membrane and a PTFE non-woven fabric.

2021-04-30 NEW

New release of Auto Hand Changer MJC Series

Auto hand changer allows robots and automated equipment to change hands and tools automatically.
Compact and lightweight to help speed up robots for improved productivity.

*Lightest in the World (Compared to weight for equivalent payload of other companies)

*Wide size variation
6 payload sizes at 3kg, 10kg, 20kg, 60kg,100kg and 150 kg

2021-04-30 NEW

New release of Vacuum Pad KPT Series

Perfect for handling workpieces with slanted suction surfaces.
The thrust of the cylinder or robot is not directly applied to the workpiece.

The bellows structure conforms to the angles and heights of suction surfaces, and handles workpieces with no damage.

2021-04-28 NEW

New release of Inline Ejector PME Series

Convert pressurized air to vacuum in one touch, can be used where space is limited.

Wide range of vacuum variations
*Standard specifications: Generates high vacuum from a supply pressure of 0.5 MPa.
*High flow rate specifications: Generates nearly 1.7 times standard from a supply pressure of 0.5 MPa.
*Low pressure specifications: Generates vacuum equal to standard specifications from a supply pressure of 0.35 MPa.

2018-09-25 NEW

New release of Pulse blow air gun PAG series and Pulse blow unit PAU series

The first in the world!

Pulse blow air gun PAG series and Pulse blow unit PAU series has been released!
Generates pulsed air without using electricity!

New air amplifier nozzle has been released additionally!

Air volume is about 4.5 times.
Compressed air is not free!!
Reduce compressed air use by nearly 50%.

2017-03-22 NEW

New release of Compliance Light Series

In addition to automatically aligning errors with the position of workpiece insertion, Compliance Light can be used for press fitting processes.
Improves process during workpiece insertion and press fitting.
Lightweight and compact.
High rigidity and withstand load capacity.
The parallel type can be used as a press fitting base.