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Air cylinders
Series Names Model Question Answer
Knock Cylinders NDA16 Is there sensor switch type for NDA16*30-8? Sensor switch type was specified as standard from April 2000. However, the body length became 5mm longer than NDA.
Knock Cylinders NDAS What is the minimum bend radius of the sensor switch lead used in NDAS? As a rough indiation, it is six to eight times of the lead outer diameter.(when the bent part is inflective.)
Pen Cylinder CS-PBDA Is it possible to change the position of the pipe fitting of CS-PBDA? As it is swage manufactured, changing the postiion after purchase is not possible. Instructions would be needed at production.
Pen Cylinder PBDAS16 Is it possible to install metal fittings of 1A of PDAS to PBDAS16x30-A-1A? Dimensions of both items are the same, therefore installation is possible.
Pen Cylinder PBDA Is stroke of 20mm possible with double acting type? Manufacture of the stroke is possible from 1mm unit. For the medium strokes, strokes divisible by 5, cylinder tube cutting is used. For strokes not divisible by 5, collar packed to the next size up stroke of cylinder.
Pen Cylinder PBDA Air is leaking from the rod packing. Can we change only the rod packing? The main unit is manufactured by swage method, and disassembly is not possible. Therefore, change of only the rod packing is not possible.
Pen Cylinder PDA16 What is the item comparable to the current PDA16x15-7? It is PBDA16x15-7, however the total length is shortened, therefore the dimension of installation is different.
Multi Mount D161 What is the material of the multi mount cylinder installation swage D161A? It is comparable to S25C and is black zinc coated
Jig Cylinder with Guide SGDA Which side does the medium stroke color of the guided jig belong to? It belongs to the rod side rather than the piston side.
Jig Cylinder with Guide SGDA Which guided cylinder would meet the output of 800N at 0.4MPa? SGDAA63 is comparable to it.
Jig Cylinder with Guide SGDA There is air leaking in the pipe of SGDA. what is the provision and seal adhesive? Please use liquid seal adhesive or seal tape.
Jig Cylinder with Guide SGDA When it returns from the stroke end, does the guide shaft protude from the main body? For products over 75st, the guide push is 2 pieces, therefore the guide shaft protudes from the main body.
Jig Cylinder with Guide SGDA I have a guided cylinder, but would like to change the specification and shorten the stroke. Is it possible to dismount the head plate and fill color? As the screw which fixes the head plate is assembled with screw lock, disassembly would be difficult. If there is some space in dimension, color filling in the head part would be possible in an easy way.
Jig Cylinder with Guide SGDA There is a lateral load from stroke of 10mm, is there a change in the lateral load resistance of 10mm and over 10mm? When looking at 10mm strokes, the bearing length below 74mm strokes is the same. Therefore, the value of lateral load is the same. Basically, the admissibility of lateral load changes according to the stroke. Please refer to the chart of "admissibility of lateral load.".
Jig Cylinder CDA What is the use of the opitional spigot-and-socket joint for jig cylinder C series? It is used when positioning of the main body for installasion is needed.
Jig Cylinder CDA Is the magnet built in the standard CDA? It is not built in. As a sensor application, the magnet is built in the CDAS.
Jig Cylinder CDA Can we use the jig cylinder with clevis? I can not select it on the catalog. Is it possible to use it with clevis? For the standard type, it stands the lateral load only with the bush part, therefore there is a intensity problem, and it is not configurated. The whole length would be longer, but please select the resistant long stroke type with the wear ring loaded on the piston part.
Jig Cylinder CDA12 According to the stoke chart, Maximum is 30mm strokes. Can we use it with 100mm strokes? The long stroke type handles stroke up to 125mm strokes
Jig Cylinder CDA For user friendly, can we change the configuration of the rod end shape? In the last half of the catalog, there are patterns for the rod end shape. Please request the dimension fill-out form for your requested pattern to our office. However, we will not exchange or store the drawings of the patterns on the catalog.
Jig Cylinder CSA20 It is a single acting push type, and there are 2 sections of pipe port. Do we need to make alterations on the breathing area? There is no need to do anything. However, dust absorption may occur, so we recommend that you place a filter.
Jig Cylinder CCDA50 The total length of CCDA50 is shorter than CCDA40. Are the dimensions correct? The dimensions are correct. It is because the manufactruing way of models up to CCDA40 and above CCDA50 are different.
Jig Cylinder CDAT I'm considering a multiposition cylinder. What kind of air line should I use? Please refer to the usage examples and applications on the "Airtro" section on our companies website.
Jig Cylinder CDAT What is the full stroke of CDAT63*15*10? It is 25mm(st1+st2) with full stroke.
Jig Cylinder JDA32 I'd like to strenghten the power of JDA32x15, are there any ways? There are ways such as raising the air pressure, changing to a multipositioning cylinder etc.
Jig Cylinder Common What are the applications for the jig cylinder bumpers? 1. Make less noise in the stroke end. 2. Make less impact power in the stroke end.
Swing Cylinder SDA40 What is the backlash of SDA40*240-90? It is 2.5 degrees at maximum.
Slim Cylinder DA Is it possible to drive the slim cylinder by nitrogen gas? Yes, it is possible to drive.
Slim Cylinder DA Air leak has occured in the rod packing part. Can we change only the rod packing? The main unit is manufactured by swage method, and disassembly is not possible. Therefore, change of only the rod packing is not possible.
Slim Cylinder DA25 I am using CS3M withDA25 sensor, however differential response is large. The differntial response is smaller in the non contact type.
Slim Cylinder DA Are there any metal parts which can fix to the main unit in the slim cylinder series? It is prepared in the twin port cylinder. As for the twinport, it is double tube, so there is no problem even if the outer tube shape slightly changes. However for the slim cylinder, as it is single tube, there would be an effect even with only a slight change in shape. Therefore, there is no setting.
Slim Cylinder DA32 For model DA32*200, I'd like to purchase only the 8E type metal fitting. Please inform me the purchase no. Please order by 8E-DA32.
Slim Cylinder DA63 I'd like to feed DA63. Which oil should I use? Please use Turbine oil, Class 1(ISOVG32) or equivalent. Once you start to feed, please continue to feed.
Slim Cylinder DAR25 I'd like to use the brake part with air pressure combined lock, but there is a filter in the pipe section. How should we remove the filter? Please prick something which head is actuate, and pluck out. It will remove easily.
Slim Cylinder DAR25 I am viewing the basic circuit. I'd like to know the reason why we need to use the three position(PAB connection)? When the brake has been actuated to lock, and if 2-position solenoid valve is used, air in one side of the cylinder will be lost. Therefore the cylinder would jump out when the brake is released.
Slim Cylinder DAK32 When starting the operation or after emergency shutdown, sometimes the cylinder would not operate. The cause may be that the lock piston is stuck in the chase, and is manducating. When starting, please make sure to start by providing air to the pipe port which does not have lock feature.
Slim Cylinder DAT I'm considering of a multipositioner cylinder. What kind of air circuit should I use? Please refer to the examples and applications on "Airtro119" on our website.
Slim Cylinder DABF25 Can we install sensor swith to DABF25? As it is heat resistance, installment of sensor swich is not possible. Please install sensor switch at exterior.
Slim Cylinder DAJ I'd like to use the cylinder in locations subject to dripping water. Is this possible when used with an accordion? There is a breathing hole in the accoridon. In locations subject to dripping water, water may drip inside. Please use a cover to protect the unit.
Slim Cylinder DAJ What is the material of the accordion? The material is nylon tarpaulin.
Slim Valpack Cylinder DV Can we change the slim valpack to power distribution drawing? Please turn the magnet valve 180 degrees and assmeble to it.
Slim Valpack Cylinder DV20 Can we manufacture 40mm strokes with DV20? We can manufacture it by tube cut.
Slim Valpack Cylinder DV25 I'd like to draw the power distribution for the DV25 which I have now. Please remove the nut and metalic pedestal from the two magnet valves. Then remove the magnet valve from the cylinder. Turn 180 degrees and assmeble it.
Valpack Cylinder SKBS I am using SKBS50, but it is not on the current catalog. SK is discontinued from 10 years ago. The replacement model is DDV. However the way of installation is different.
Twin Rod Cylinder TDA What is the item comparable toTDA and sensor switch CS9H? The main body is TBDA. As to the sensor swich, it depends on the drawing direction of the lead. Please select ZE155 or ZE255.
Twin Rod Cylinder TDA16 What would be the sensor switch if we replace TDA20x50-CS3H1 to TBDA20x50? The sensor switch would be ZE202A.(However, please be careful of the load current.) CS3H:10-50mA(DC,AC)ZE202:5-40mA(DC),10-50mA(AC)
Twin Rod Cylinder TBDA I activated it by installing the twin rod upward, however the snap ring of the rod cover section comes off. I have not installed the speed controller. When activating without a speed controller, it may happen that it is activating above the maximum speed. Please install a speed controller, and drive within the speed range or please consider other ways such as external stop etc.
Twin Rod Cylinder TBDA Does twin rod mean that the thrust force of the cylinder is simply two times? Please consider it two times. As it connects two cylinders with a plate, it also has a less rotation feature.
Alpha Twin Rod Cylinder ATBDA I'd like to use the twin rod as a stopper cylinder. As it installs ball bush, usage which places impact power may deform the ball and effect the movement, so please avoid it. Please select a model which guide feature is powerful, such as the guided jig cylinder(plain bearing standing type).
Air Hand AFDPG12 I'd like to know the stroke adjustment detail of flat air hand unsynchronized, 12mm. As for the stroke adjustment, if it is unsynchronized, adjustment would be just one side.
Air Hand NHDPA6 I'd like to know the backlash amount 90 degrees opposite to the click stroke direction of NHDPA6. The backlash amount is +/-0.2.
Air Hand NHB I'd like to use the NHB series parallel type, double acting type. Is the usage pressue range so different depending on the size? According to the cylinder diameter, the wiper resistance is different, therefore there is difference in usage pressure range.
DYNA Cylinder DDA80 I'm considering of Dyna cylinder 80mm, stroke 125mm. What would be the total length?(Would it be color filling or tube cut?) It would be manufactured by tube cut.
DYNA Cylinder DDA80 What is the pressure resistance of DDA80? The guaranteed pressure resistance is 1.5MPa. However, usage pressure range is up to 1.0 MPa, so please do not impress above this value.
DYNA Cylinder DDA80 I'm using the DDA80. However the thrust force is not enough. There is no space, but is there a way to add the thrust force? Please consider adding air pressure, change to a multipositioner cylinder etc.
DYNA Cylinder DDAD100 The pipe diameter of DDAD100 is out of alignment. Has the dimensions changed? It has changed from NEW Dyna cylinder after October, 1999.
DYNA Cylinder DDAL50 I am using the DDAL50 on top of the electric heater. The temperature of the rod is 60 degrees, is this OK? The usage temperature range is -10 to 70 degrees. If the temperature of the rod is not above this, it is OK.
DYNA Cylinder DDAJ I'd like to use the cylinder in locations subject to dripping water. Is this possible when used with an accordion? There is a breathing hole in the accoridon. In locations subject to dripping water, water may drip inside. Please use a cover to protect the unit. Accordion has effect to dust, however it is not suited for liquid. Please consult us with intense scraper etc.
DYNA Cylinder DDV I purchased the Dyna valpack cylinder without surge provision. How should we take the provision? Please install a valistor in parallel.
DYNA Cylinder DDV50 I'd like to draw power distribution to DDV50. Please install with valve placed opposite.
DYNA Cylinder Heat resistance application What is the packing material of Dyna cylinder heat resistance? It is Fluororubber(Viton) JIS(Japanese Industrial Standard) 4-D equivalent.
SD Cylinder KASD What are the changes in the SD cylinder? The rod diameter of 125mm and 140mm has changed.
SD Cylinder KASDT On the catalog, it is stated to not use thrust force in multiples. Why is this? Under use conditions, if two times of thrust power is not added on each cylinder part, it is possible to use it. For tie rods such as truunion, it is not possible to use it as thrust force of two times is added.
Low Pressure Cylinder DF I'd like to know the unrotation tolerance of the DF cylinder. The tolerance is +/-2 degrees.
Rotary Actuator RAKD300 I'm planning to use RAKD300. Why can we not use flange metal fittings? The torque becomes large, therefore the stiffness of the flange lacks.
Rotary Actuator RAN What happens if the vibration time of the RAN becomes longer? As the wiper resistance is large for vane types, knocking phenomenon occurs.
Rotary Stage ARWT Rotary angle is 45+/-0.2 degrees. I'd like to know the repetition accuracy and positioning accuracy. The accuracy is +/-0.2 degrees. Therefore, it will not pile up per rotary. The accuracy is +/-0.2 degrees regardless of the number of rotation.
Mini Guide Slider MGA Is magnet included in the MGA format? What is the difference between blank and "S"? If it is blank, the magnet sensor rail is not attached. For "S", the magnet and rail for sensor applications is attached.
Rod Slider ARS Can we remove the shock absorber of the Rock Slider ARS and install a stopper bolt? Yes, it is possible.
Rod Slider ARS I'd like to assemble the pipe of ARS16 in the backward section due to installation conernments. Is this possible? It would be a custom application but it is possible with -1W.
Rod Slider ARS Is the load capacity the same value, regardless of the way of installation? If it is direct-mounted on the slide part, it is not a problem. However, if you install by overhang, please make sure that the value is within the allowable bending moment value on the catalog.
Rod Slider ARS10 I'd like to know the guide format used in ARS10. The guide format is THK company, RSR7.
Rod Slider ARSZ25 Can I install the stopper on the other side with ARSZ? It is possible with -2W.
Rodless Cylinder MRC.MRG I'd like to know the recommended grease for MRC・MRG cylinder outer perimeter? Please use litium soap group No.2 and urea plasma soap group No.2.
Rodless Cylinder MRG Is stroke adjustment possible with MRG? It is possible by -6mm on one side.
Rodless Cylinder MRC I'd like to change the packing of MRC by myself, is this possible? As the piston and slide part attracts one another by magnetic energy, the magnet may attract when you disassemble. Please do not disassemble or repair by yourself.
Rodless Cylinder MRG The grease used for MRG is stated as Synthetic hydrocarbon type grease, what kind of grease is this? Please use litium soap group No.2 and urea plasma soap group.
Rodless Cylinder MRGH I'd like to change from stopper nut to shock absorber with MRGH. Is this possible? Please purchase the shock absorber with the additional parts. Please remove the stopper nut, and replace.
Rodless Cylinder ORCA16 Is it not a problem to install ORCA16x200 to a downward direction? Yes, it is possible.
Rodless Cylinder ORCA25 Do you have the M4 nut to place into the main unit bottom face T-slot? It is an exclusive part. We do not distribute them.
Rodless Cylinder ORCA50 I'd like to know the air leak amount of ORCA50. The amount is below 1000mm stroke, 1l/min.
Rodless Cylinder ORCA Our customer says that replacement of parts are possible. I purchased parts for maintenance, however I do not know how to replace them. Are there any documents regarding relplacement? We provide documents regarding assembly and disassembly. Please visit our office nearest to you or request to our technical service center(Although it will be out of guarantee)
Rodless Cylinder ORGA16 Is there a sensor switch of ORGA16, which can be installed to the sequencer of Europe? Sensor switches of Non-contact and two wire systems can be installed. Please make the wiring opposite.
Rodless Cylinder ORSP16 Is it possible to attach a blacket to the T-slot on the bottom face of CRSP16 cylinder, and install a photoelectric switch? I'd also like to know the screw length of T-slot. Installment with blancket is possible. For the screw length, please refer to the T-slot screw length of ORCA16. Square nut which is commercially available can not be used.
Rodless Cylinder ORS.MRS I'm considering ORS・MRS. Can I drive at 50mm/s which is lower speed than in the catalog? For standard items, knocking phenomenon will occur. It will be custom handling, but you can use from 20mm/s with -1003W.
Rodless Cylinder ORV I'd like to know the function of F-type support in ORV. It is used to loosen the delfection of the main unit.
Rodless Cylinder ORV25 May I use the slide surface of ORV25 to a downward direction? If it is within the moment, it is not a problem.
Rodless Cylinder ORV50 Can I install the shock absorber unit and M-mount together on ORV50? As we will install a table to the slide part for the shock absorber to strike, you cannot use it with the M-mount.
Rodless Cylinder ORW40 Would it be possible to extend the stroke within the stroke adjustment range with ORW40? You can make the stroke 5mm longer on each side, total of 10mm longer, against the setup stroke.
SHM SHM21 I'd like to calculate the air consumption for systematic handling modules. Please inform me the volume. At 90 degrees, it is 10.37cm3, at 180 degrees, it is 20.7cm3.
SHM SHM61 I'd like to know the load of the compliance module on the compression side. The shift module thrust force of the same size would be a rough indication.
SHM SHM61 With SHM61S, would it be possible to insert an object, lock it, and pull out the lead? It would depend on the object's stiffness. However, the lock function is to eliminate the slur during delivery and not to pull out the lead by inserting an object.
SHM SHM61 With the compliance module, is installment by right angle possible? Generally, it is not possible. However, it may be possible when it is light loaded.
SHM SHM61 With the compliance module, can we enforce the springing force of the centripetal force? The springing force of the bond ring generates the centripetal force, and as the adjustment is difficult, it is not possible.
SHM SHM61.SHM62 With the compliance module, is it possible to lower the centripetal force? As the adjustment of the springing force is difficult, it is not possible to lower it. However, it is possible to remove the spring and make it 0kgf.
SHM SHM62 Would it be possible to push the SHM62S, 1.5kg in transportable, and 20kg in compression process? The shift module thrust force of the same size would be a rough indication.
SHM SHM62 Can I apply any moment of alpha directions? No, you can not apply moment of alpha directions.
YZ Module ACY I'd like to know the medium stopper function and control technique of y axis module. If you use the middle stopper, and run a middle halt by stricking method, you can improve the halt accuracy. For starts after middle halt, please add counter pressure. You may proceed to the next procedure, after release of the middle stopper.
Sensor Switch CS3M I'd like to know the sensor switch wire connection color. Blue is -. Brown is +.
Sensor Switch CS9HA The wire of CS9HA has changed from Red / White / Black. How should we connect the wire? Brown:+, Blue:-, Black:output
Sensor Switch ZC130 I'd like to know the environmental protection of IP67 / 66. IP67: No ingress of dust; complete protection against contact. Ingress of water in harmful quantity shall not be possible when the enclosure is immersed in water under defined conditions of pressure and time (up to 1 m of submersion, 30 minutes).

IP66: No ingress of dust; complete protection against contact. Water projected in powerful jets (12.5 mm nozzle) against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects.
Sensor Switch ZC153 I'd like to know the wire connection method of sensor switch ZC153. Brown:+, Blue:-, Black:output
Sensor Switch ZC205 How many can we connect ZC205 in series? Basically, please connect input / output terminal by 1:1. However, it is possible to use depending on the sensor switch inner dropping voltage and actuation voltage of PLC.
Sensor Switch ZG530 I added DC24V to sensor switch ZG530 and used it. However, it had shorted out. How should I handle this? Please add load between sensor switch and power. If you add the power directly, large current will flow and destroy.
Sensor Switch Other Is there a sensor switch which can use the barrier system with an installment explosion protection? Sensor switch which builts in contact lead switch only(without LED)applies.
Sensor Switch Other How much is the magnetic force of the sensor cylinder? As I have a system effected by the magnetic force, I would like to know. The magnetic force is inversely two times of the distance. When 100mm apart from the cylinder surface, it is around 10-30 gauss. When 300mm apart, the magnetic force of the cylinder becomes close to zero, and it will not be possible to distinguish from the earth magnetism.
Sensor Switch Other Is it possible to use the sensor switch explosion protection? It is possible to use by combining lead contact sensor without LED with barrier relay.
Sensor Switch Other What is the difference between contact and non-contact? The contact sensor switch uses the open faced lead at the contact section, and is built in the glass tube. The non-contact sensor switch builts in hall elements or magnetic resistance elements. Therefore it is called non-contact.
Sensor Switch Non-contact I'd like to change the sensor switch from three wires to two wires. Is there any inconvenience? The usage current voltage is different, therefore the leak current value and inner dropping voltage will become large.
Other Selection Do you have a cylinder which can drive 300mm strokes in 30 seconds? As it is 10mm/s, please consider a low speed cylinder.
Other Selection I'd like to slowly drive the last 50mm strokes within the total 300mm strokes with 50mm or 63mm cylinder. Please consider combining with hydrochecker.
Other Heat resistance Is there a heat resistance cylinder which holds up to 200 degrees? Load is 40kg. Please do not repair in the piston and slide part.
Other Non ion I'd like to know the rod bush material of the NCU application for jig cylinder slim cylinder. The material for the slim cylinder: resin(polyacetal type). For the jig cylinder: alluminum alloy(hardened alumite).
Other Cylinder The maximum transportation load is 294.2N. Can I hang a load of 15kgf? Yes, the cylinder is possible to use by hanging load of 15kgf.
Air valves
Series Names Model Question Answer
Solenoid Valves K2 Series K2.K3.K4 I'd like to know the sort of the remote controller for the Pulse Blow Type. Please contact us for more details.
Solenoid Valves 025 Series 025 What is the response time? As described in technical data, it is not a guaranteed value but an actually measured value of 10/25 msec(ON/OFF).
Solenoid Valves 030 Series 030 Is it the same if the maximum drive frequency of 030 is 50/60Hz? Yes, it is the same.
Solenoid Valves 030 Series 030 I'd like to know how to lock the thrusted out button of 030. Please push the thrusted out button clockwise. For release, please turn the button counter clockwise.
Solenoid Valves 030 Series 030E1 Can I install a muffler on 030E1? As the R port hole is 1.8mm, installation is not possible. It is possible by custom items.
Solenoid Valves 030 Series 030E1 Does 030E1 DC24V have surge protection? It is installed on standard edition.
Solenoid Valves 030 Series YMF.YMF-01 Instead of the five port valves, I'd like to use the block plate. You will be needing a block plate and gasket for three ports and screw.
Solenoid Valves 040 Series 040 Is the 040 series UL / CSA compliant? It is compliant to some models. The port srew size is different compared to the standard. Please inquire for detail.
Solenoid Valves 040 Series A041E1 Is A041 E1-25 DC24V compliant to UL / USA? It is compliant to some models. The port srew size is different compared to the standard. Please inquire for detail.
Solenoid Valves 050 Series 050E1 Does 050E1 leak? I am using at 0.006MPa but air is leaking. There may be some leaking.
Solenoid Valves 050 Series 050E1 Does the plug come with 050E1-2? Which type should I use for the seal? The plug comes with -2 type. For seal, please use lock tight etc.
Solenoid Valves 050 Series 050E1 AC100V For model 050-4E1 AC100V, do I need to install a varistor on the exterior for surge protections? For AC types, there is surge protection on standard edition, so there is no need to install on the exterior.
Solenoid Valves 050 Series 050 The pipe size for 050 is M5 and Rc1/8, can I run the flow with Rc1/8? The flow capacity of the valve itself does not change. However, as there is the valid section area which the air joint has, the synthesis valid section area is different with M5 and 1/8. Depending on the air joint, the flow will change.
Solenoid Valves 110 and 180 Series 110.180 Is the maximum drive frequency of model 110,180, the same at 50/60Hz? Yes, it is the same.
Solenoid Valves 110 and 180 Series 110.180 I'd like to know how to lock the thrusted button of 110, 180. Please push the thrusted out button clockwise. For release, please turn the button counter clockwise.
Solenoid Valves 110 and 180 Series A110-4E1.A180-4E1 Does models, A110-4E1-PSL DC24V、A180-4E1-PSL DC24V have surge protection? It is installed on standard edition.
Solenoid Valves 110 and 180 Series A113-4KE2.A183-4KE2 For models A113-4KE-13.A183-4KE2-13 uses two units of the manifold body. Which side should I use for the output port? Please use the left side port among the two units.
Solenoid Valves 110 Series 110 I'd like to cutout the wire for 110 manifold. Is there any other wire other than common wire connections? We prepare a PC board manifold method, which embarks the substrate, and wire connects by a flat cable suited connecter.
Solenoid Valves 110 Series 110 I am using the model 111E1 for air blow. However, sometimes it would not untread after switching. Model 111E1 is an inner pilot solenoid valve, which uses the main air pressure as supplement. The cause may be that the minimum usage pressure when needed at switching, is not secured during the pressure down of air blow. Please insert a needle valve in the middle of the second side pipe and secure the back pressure. Otherwise, please select a direct operated solenoid valve or exterior pilote sloenoid valve.
Solenoid Valves 030, 110 and 180 Series Common Can I change P*L to CP*L? As the coil itself is different, it is not possible.
Solenoid Valves GF.G110.G180 Series Common Can I change only the coil itself? Replacement per piolot valve is possible. Please use GA010LE1.(please be careful of the connector model.) However, it is out of guarantee.
Solenoid Valves G110.G180.110.180 Series Common It seems there is compatibility with the manifold on the catalog. Is it the same for the connector? There is no compatibility for connectors for solenoid valve G series and 110 series etc.
Solenoid Valves 180 Series 180-4E2-J63 As I will use overseas, I need a product with voltage of AC220V/60Hz. Do I need to state AC220V/60Hz on the order form under the current section? For the solenoid valve 180 series, the AC220V applies up to 180-264V. If there is no problem with the usage range, it is possible to use it.
Solenoid Valves 180 and GA180 Series Common Is the wire connection the same for 180 and GA180? The specification of the coil etc is different, however the wire connecton way is the same. Except if it connector joints to the valve coil part, the connector shape would be different. Please be careful.
FM-Solid Manifold X88M I'd like to change FMW to FMY. Is this possible with only replacing the valve itself? As the base is different it is not possible. Please inquire for details.
Stacking Manifold Common Is the valve installment screw for 110,180 single body, different from the attached one? Please order by 1HPM-14EX.-15EX.
Solenoid Valves 200 Series 200 If I retain long hours with solenoid valve 200 series, it may become heated. Is this a problem? If the temperature will not go up over 50 degrees, it is not a problem. The surrounding temperature may go up due to the heating of the coil. Please take a provision such as blow. Please also consider N/O double solenoid application as well.
Solenoid Valves 200 Series 200-4E1 I'd like to change the coil direction 180 degrees with 200-4E1-L-SR. Is this possible? Yes, it is possible.
Solenoid Valves 200 Series CS-200 Is the leak of CS-200 zero? I'd like to use it as a leak tester. The inner leak is not zero, so it can not be used for leak testing.(JIS standard allows the inner leak.)
Solenoid Valves F Series Common I'd like to change the manifold of the solenoid valve F series from positive common to negative common. The connector and the substrate of the PL is different, and is basically not possible. 110,180 series is also not possible.
Solenoid Valves F Series Common Is wire connection to the supply terminal of solenoid valve F series F200 necessary? There is one prepared for the supply inside the connector pin, so wire connection to the supply termminal is not necessary. However, if the transmission range is large, voltage drop will occur, so wire connection may be necessary.
Solenoid Valves F Series F10 For the model F10 single air supply spacer, can I use both single air supply and release? As the inner pipe port position of the air supply spacer and air release spacer is different, you can not use both.
Solenoid Valves F Series F15 For the model F15 single air supply spacer, can I use both single air supply and release? As the inner pipe port position of the air supply spacer and air release spacer is different, you can not use both.
Solenoid Valves F Series F18 For the model F18 single air supply spacer, can I use both single air supply and release? As the inner pipe port position of the air supply spacer and air release spacer is different, you can not use both.
Solenoid Valves F Series F10.F15 I have a manifold for serial transmission, and would like to install it on a system which controller(PLC) is different. Can I divert it? As the PLC manufacturer is different, if you purchase only a serial transmission block, the pin arrangement for the manifold part is manufactured identically, therefore divert is possible.
Solenoid Valves F Series F10T1 I'd like to know the manufacturer of the connector assembly F10T1-CPL3. The item number for contact is Sumihoro Tech 706312-2MK. The connector ASSY is installed at KOGANEI.(It is the same for F15,F18 series.)
Solenoid Valves F Series F15 What should I do with the piping, if I use the F15 in vacuum application? P1: Vaccum like P2: positive pressure R1, R2:vacuum demolation air pressure(or air open) A.B:please pipe to ortho pad. Please select NC,NO for A or B.
Solenoid Valves F Series F18 I'd like to know the meaning of the lead wire, Red / Black / White for solenoid valve F18. Red:common wire(+), Black:A side signal wire(-), White:B side signal wire(-). (It is the same for F10, F15 model.)
Solenoid Valves 830 Series 830 On installing 430, 830, due to space problems, I'd like to install upside down. Would this be possible? There are no restrictions for installment directions.
Solenoid Valves EA.EB.JE.JC Series Common On the flow characteristics chart on the catalog, why do some have the notation of sonic conductance C, and some do not? The testing way of flow charcteristics had been renewed, and the notation became sonic conductance. However, for pipe diameter's over 20mm and below M3 it is not determined, therefore the notation is valid section area as so far.
High Cycle Solenoid Valves HV160E1-2 I'd like to know the AWG number for the lead wire of HV160E1-2 DC24V. It is AWG22 and the cross sectional area is around 0.32mm2.
PC Wiring System FMA-TM1016 I am wire connecting FMA-TM1016-MB, however I can not find the conductive for pin No.1 / 2. For -MB, there is no conductive as it is not short circuiting.
PC wiring system FMA-TM1116 For FMA-TM1116-MB, the + and - is opposite compared to the TM1116 on the catalog. For -MB, + and - is the opposite.
TAC Valves 3V Is there a type of 3V which PA port is Rc 1/8 nut? For 3V, due to the shape of the main body, there is no product of Rc1/8. Please consider 31V with the same feature, which standard is Rc1/8 application.
TAC Valves 3VR Is 3V a pinned lever type? If I change the output, would it become locked. It is spring return. If you release your hand, it changes from ON to OFF.
TAC Valves 41V Is a speed controller built in 41V-70? Yes, it is built in.
TAC Valves 34A.341A I'd like to know the difference of 34A and 341A. Compared to 34A, the piston area of 341A is 1.7 times larger, therefore you can obtain an operational ability of 1.7 times with the same pilot pressure. Also, the bearing pressure is large, so you can use it at low pressure.
TAC Valves 4P Can I use combining 34F of TAC and 4P? Yes, you can combine them.
TAC Valves 4PP How does 4PP operate? There are push buttons on the upper side and bottom side. The operation procedure is press the upper bottom, press the bottom button when switching.
TAC Valves ASN3K00K The item is key select type. Can I remove the key when I turn it ON/OFF? Yes, you can remove the key when turning ON/OFF.
TAC Valves ESA I'd like to know the pressure for the ESA when turning ON/OFF. The ON pressure is 0.06MPa, which is the minimum pressure of usage pressure range. OFF pressure is around 0.02 MPa.
TAC Valves ESA I am using a system with ESA installed. However, it turns ON even when it is below 0.06 MPa. All items turn ON when it reaches 0.06MPa. There are items which turn ON even below 0.06MPa.
TAC Valves ESA Can I change the value which turns ON with ESA? No, you can not adjust the value.
Foot Valves 250F What are the functions of 250F? It is a three port N/C valve. If you press the pedal, it runs from P to A, if you release, it runs from A to R.
Foot Valves 250FL I'd like to control a double acting control cylinder with 250FL. Is this possible? As the 250FL is a three port valve, you can not cylinder control with one unit. Please consider the 250-4FL with four port application.
Air-piloted Valves 125LA I'd like to know the difference of the interface valve 125LA and 125AA. The main pressure is the same, however with 125LA, the pilot pressure is 0.001-0.003MPa.
Air-piloted Valves 500A I'd like to know the diaphragm material of 500A. The diaphragm is urethane.
Air-piloted Valves 500A I'd like to know the difference of the operating principle of 500A-2 and 500A2. 500A-2 is two ports, 500A2 is three port with double pilot application.
Manual Valves 250V Please inform me the piping of A/R/P of manual valve 250V? P:Entrance, A:Exit, R:air release(muffler).
Solenoid Valves Round Type Series 062 For model 062, there are P/A/B/R for the port signs. Please inform me the piping. The air near compressor is P port, cylinder is A/B port, air release is R port.
Solenoid Valves Round Type Series 062 Where should I install -70 of model 062? Please install to R(EXH) port.
Explosion-proof Round Type Solenoid Valves EP062E1-02 Can I manufacture AC24V with EPO62E1? Yes, you can manufacture it.
Solenoid Valves Round Type Series 125-4E1 What does the P/R/A/B on the 125-4E1 which is engraved on the main body indicate? P:Air supply opening, R:Air release opening, A/B:Output port.
Other Selection I'd like to use six units which blows air around 6 times in one second. Do you have a compact solenoid valve? We recommend a high cycle solenoid valve, which has a fast response speed.
Other In general I am driving a cylinder with solenoid valve. However air leak occured from the solenoid valve, so I replaced to a new one, but it is leaking again. The cause may be due to the cylinder failure(blow-by phenomenon). Please refer to the usage examples, applications examples on "Airtro119" on our website.
Other In general I'd like to switch from low pressure to high pressure with the solenoid valve. Which solenoid valve should I select? You can use the three port valve, 100/200 series in our company.
Other In general On the catalog, the flow characteristics chart is stated. Is the flow line a flow of compressed state or flow of atmosphere conversion? It is stated as l/min(ANR), therefore it is atmosphere conversion. For the ANR state, please refer to the usage examples and application examples on "Airtro119" on our website.
Other In general I'd like to know the difference of inner pilot and exterior pilot of the solenoid valve. The inner pilot method switches the chief axis using the air pressure impressed on the P port. The exterior pilot method impresses the air pressure from the P2 port above minimum working pressure other than the P port. The main air pressure can be used from 0Mpa/G.
Other In general If you impress 1 cubic meter container up to pressure of 1.5kgf/cm2 and bring it back to atmosphere converse, how much would the air content be in multiples? 1:2.45 times. Rule of boil PV=constand, P=absolute pressure(kgf/cm2), V=colume(1.5+1.033)*10001=1.033*(requested air content).
Other Leak tester Are there solenoid valves which can be used for leak tester? There are no solenoid valves with leak 0.
Other Common I am moving the cylinder with five valves. I'd like to lower the pressure on just one side. Please insert a regulator with checked valve between the solenoid valve and cylinder.
Air filters / Regulators
Series Names Model Question Answer
Multi Series KC250 Can KC250 and KC500 be still manufactured now? No, they cannot. Instead, you can use C300-02 and C600-04.
Multi Series C300 Is the pressure gauge used in model C300 and C200, G1-40? G1-40 is the standard equipment.
Air Filter F300 I'd like to know the maintenance way of the filter element F300. If the filter color turns brown by visual check, please cleanse by neutral detergent or exchange the filter element.
Air Filter F300 Can I purchase just the filter element of F300? Yes, you can purchase just the filter element. Please order by F300 filter element.
Air Filter F600 I purchased F600-04 which is not an auto drain type, but I'd like to change it to auto drain type. Please purchase AD600.
Micro Mist Filter MMF400 What is the concentration of the secondary side oil mist of MMF400? Although it depends on the air quality of the primary side, it is 0.08ppmw/w when combined with filter, mist filter, micro mist filter.
Filter Regulator FR I'd like to know the details of the built-in check mechanism types of FR. When there is no pressure on the primary side, secondary pressure would back-flow through the check valve part.
Filter Regulator FR150 I'd like to replace the filter element of FR150-01. Replacement is possible. Please order by "Filter element for FR150". Also, cleansing with neutral detergent is possible.
Filter Regulator FR300 I'd like to purchase just the bowl part of FR300. It is AD300, for the auto drain bowl, Assy. It is bowl guard Assy for F300, for types without auto drain.
Filter Regulator FR300 I'd like to order the bowl part of FR300-02. Please order by "Bowl Assy for F300".
Filter Regulator FR600 Is FR600-04 an auto drain type? If there is an "A" attached, it is auto drain type. Please order AD600 if you are planning to change parts incluing the bowl.
Filter Regulator FR600 I have FR600-03, and would like to change the application to auto drain type. Please inform me the purchase model. The model is AD600.
Regulator R302 The flow characteristics of R302 is not on the catalog. Please refer to the flow characteristics chart of R300 series.
Manifold Regulator R100M What does the order code "station" for R100M stand for? "Station" stands for, with the adjustment handle up, the installment position from the left side. Please state which regulator you would like to install from what number from the left.
Manifold Regulator R100M What is NCU application? It is processed so that it does not generate copper ion. Please select this application when using in environments, where generation of copper ion is a problem.
Manifold Regulator R100M Can I use the regulator which is used in the manifold regulator R100M as a single body? The main unit regulator for the manifold, does not have a screw for piping on the port. Therefore you can not use it as a single body.
Small-sized Precision Regulator In general Can I use the precise regulator upside down? Also, can I use it over 60 degrees? There is no restriction in the direction. However, regarding the temperature, as there are problems for the rubber material, grease, you can not use it over 60 degrees.
Small-sized Precision Regulator PR100 Why is the air consumption amount indicated in PR100? It is because bleed is done for pressure setup retainment.
Small-sized Precision Regulator PR200 What is the difference of precision regulator and high relief regulator? The setup accuracy of the pressure is exquisite for the precision regulator. The air release characteristics is exquisite for the high relief regulator.
Small-sized Precision Regulator KR200-02-G6 I'd like to flow N2 with KR201, running N2. Is this a problem? There is no problem with using N2. However, please be careful of the surroundings.
High Relief Regulator HR200 I'd like to know the application difference of inner pilot and exterior pilot for high relief regulator. The inner pilot method adjusts the pressure by the pressure adjusting handle installed in the main body. The exterior pilot method impresses the requested pressure to P-IN. It is used in cases when pressure setuup is done from a remote distance by remote control.
Electro-Pneumatic Transducing Regulator ETR I'd like to adjust the electro pneumatic regulator at 4-20mA by 0.2-0.5MPa. Can I adjust by span adjustment etc? Adjustment is not possible. Span adjustment is only possible at 20ma, 1.0+/-0.1Mpa.
Electro-Pneumatic Transducing Regulator ETR200 What is the application of the input signal of ETR100? ETR200:1-5V / ETR200-01:0-5V / ETR200-02:0-10V.
Air Dryer(Membrane Type) KRM I'd like to install an inline filter in back of the membrane air dryer. Should I install a micro mist filter in front of the inline filter? If a micro mist filter is installed in front of the membrane air dryer, it is not necessary.
Pressure Gauge G3P I have a M4 adjustment screw for G3P. How should I use this screw? There is a M4 screw in the back of M5 screw. Please screw-in the adjustment screw attached. The pulse beat of the pressure can be contricted with the adjustment screw, as the gauge sensitivity is high.
Pressure Gauge G3-40 I was using the G3-40, however the indicator of the pressure gauge folds down around the middle part. I installed the pressure gauge to the vacuum break line of the regulator. What can be the cause? M1, the pressure drop at the vacuum break is large, and when the pressure drops, the point of the indicator reacts to the 0 point stopper, together with the torque of the axis joining sections, it might fold down. 2, the variation of pressure drop and reset time is active, therefore the repetition stress may cause the indicator to fold. As a provision, you can insert a needle valve in front of the pressure gauge and constrict the variation of the pressure gauge, or impress on the pressure gauge only when confirming the pressure.
Pressure Gauge GP1 I have a pressure gauge problem with GP1, which cause may be due to the pulse-beat. Is there any way to constrict the pulse-beat? Instead of processing again, by inserting a needle valve by inline method, you can contrict the pulse-beat to some extent.
Speed controllers / Fittings / Others
Series Names Model Question Answer
Fittings Series Selection Are there any alkali-proof fittings? You cannot find them among standard fittings. Fluoroplastic fittings are recommended.
Fittings Series Selection Can I use the one touch operation fitting for the vacuum line? It is not a problem if it is up to -750mmHg.
Speed Controller Selection Do you provide a speed controller which flow chracteristics is exquisite? For low flow, please consider a speed controller for low speed.
Speed Controller Selection Do you have a low flow type for the speed controller? We have SSC/SCC for low speed application, SSF for low pressure application.
Speed Controller M3 size Do you have a M3 size speed controller with quick fitting attached? We are not ready to provide it.
Speed Controller SC12-04NA What does the "N" stand for in SC12-04NA? It is not used now, but in the past, we used it for the notation of the tube which can be used. It indicates nylon tube.
Tube U6 Please inform me the usage pressure range of urethan tube U6. Do you provide a tube which can bear with around 1MPa? The usage pressure of the U6(urethan) is around 0.7Mpa. N6(nylon) can bear with 1Mpa. However the surrounding temperature must be below 20 degrees.
Tube UB The usage pressure/break pressure based on the temperature of UB is indicated, however the withstanding pressure is not indicated. There is no discription of withstanding pressure. Please consider the usage pressure per temperature as a upper limit.
Tube UB Please inform me the withstanding pressure of UB. There is no discription of withstanding pressure. Please consider the usage pressure per temperature as a upper limit.
Muffler KM-4 Can I use KM-4 as a suction filter? Yes, it is possible to drive.
Impact absorption device(Shock absorber) KSH12*22 There is no changement even though I turned the adjustment screw of KSH12x22.(confirmed by hand) As it is a multiport orfice type, you can not confirm by hand.
Impact absorption device(Shock absorber) KSHE12*22 Do you provide a model with the same abosrption capacity as KSHE12*22, except the length is shorter in dimension? Please consider KSHG.
Impact absorption device(Shock absorber) In general When do we use the shock absorber? As a basic idea, it is used when absorbing the shock/vibration generated by the cylinder.
Pressure Gauge with Built-In Switch GS1-50 How much is the resistance of GS1-50 in front of the diode? DC24V:1.1 kilo ohm, AC100V:39 kilo ohm.
Pressure Gauge with Built-In Switch GS1-50 I'd like to obtain two-point output with GS1-50. You can not obtain two-point output with GS1-50. Please consider EG1 series or GS5 series.
Pressure Gauge with Built-In Switch In general Can I change the pressure unit of the digital press switch? From last year, changement to other units which the Ministry of International Trade and Industry designate is not allowed.
Vacuum equipment / Vacuum pads
Series Names Model Question Answer
Ejector ME05 We have ME05M_A-AME05E2-83-PSL at hand, and would like to mount a vacuum switch PS310 on it. The change of manifold base to AS type is needed. Please purchase the base and vacuum switch, and assemble the ejector with them.
Multistage Ejectors MED12 Does the MED12 built-in a filter? A filter is built-in. However, we recommend usage of the vacuum type filter.
Solenoid Vacuum Valve Square Type V182 Series V182 With V182E1, can I use by switching the positive pressure and negative pressure? You can use in the range of vacuum-750mmHg to positive pressure 0.15MPa.
Solenoid Vacuum Valve Round Type Pilot type in general I'd like to impress air of compulsory seperation on the vacuum solenoid valve. Is this possible? If the impress pressure is P1(pilote air) > 2xP2(main air), it is possible.
Solenoid Vacuum Valve Round Type VA250AE2 When parallel connecting bulbs of 2 pieces or more, it is stated to common wire connect the black line for the AC type. Does the black line need to be connected to the switch side? It can be connected to both sides. However, as silicone commutater is built-in the black line, the safeness of the product would be higher, when connected to the switch(signal)side.
Vacuum Pad KP I'd like to know the resistance temperature of each material of the vacuum pad. NBR:0 to 110 degrees, Silicone:-30 to 200 degrees, viton:0 to 250 degrees, urethane:0 to 70 degrees.
Cleansystem equipment
Series Names Model Question Answer
Clean System Components In general How does Koganei understand cleanliness? Any standards including JIS don't specify how to estimate the cleanliness of pneumatic components with clean specifications. We understand that cleanliness is shown in the number of particles generated per 10 operations. For details, please check up in our catalogs.
Clean System Components In general How many types are there available for the clean system equipment? We have added more this time. Starting with drive equipments of more than 11 types, there are also valves, regulators, fittings available abundantly.
Electric actuators
Series Names Model Question Answer
DENROBO AECR1-R2 When should be the controller backup battery of AECR1-R2 replaced? Such battery is not used, for write-in is performed by EP-ROM, provided that backup is necessary for caution's sake.
DENROBO AECR-R2 I have AECR1-S1. To use AECR-R2, is the I/O connection same with AECR1-S1? The I/O connection is not the same.
DENROBO AEMR1 I'd like to make the origin opposite of AEMR1630-350. As there is no origin detector, it is not possible.
DC Slider EWLMT4 With using 4 points, I'd like to drive the foward to stop per 4 sensors, drive the Back without both ends instantaneous. Due to the program of PLC(programmable logic controller), driving is possible. In that case, please connect the sensor signal to the input signal of PLC, output signal of PLC to the sensor input of the controller. Please make the PLC control the slider directly by the sensor signal.
DC Slider EWLMT4 I'd like to use the DC slider without the sensor switch. Is this possible? With the output of the switch, the motor arrest activates, therefore you can not use it without the switch.
Creceed Selection With the circular interpolation of the creseed, can you trace 2.6mm at 25mm/sec? You can trace 2.6mm, however the speed does not correspond to it.
Single-axis robot R series / C series ABCC14 Is a regenerative system for ABCC14/14H necessary? Yes, it is necessary.
Single-axis robot R series / C series ABTC9H-B I'd like to force release the break of ABTC9H-B. How can I do this? You can release by ABTPB(please refer to the manual, "manual release of retaining break").
Single-axis robot R series / C series ABERCX It is stated that the ABERCX motor drives max.30W. How much is the consumed power of the operational controller(besides the I/O application)? Please prepare power of DC24V, 3A.
Single-axis robot R series / C series ABERCX How much is the consumed current of DC24V with the single axis robot ABERCX? It is 3A(ampere).
Single-axis robot R series / C series ABERCX If you setup 1 with both PRM32 and PRM33, DO4 is turned ON both when error occurs and completion of origin return. Is there a way to recognize this? If DO4 is outputted at READY ON, it is a signal of completion of origin return. If DO4 is outputted at READY OFF, it is a signal of error occurence.
Single-axis robot R series / C series ABERCX When origin returning with ABERCX, there is no output from the I/O connector terminal no. "B-18: END(instruction execution complete)" Where should I obtain the output of completion of the origin return? Usually, after the origin return operation, the "END" signal is outputted. There may be other failure causes.
Single-axis robot R series / C series ABSRCX I delivered, installed a system, and tried to drive it, however an absolute battery error had occured. When I started up once more, it did not occur. Absolute battery error occurs, when you detach an absolute battery, or when it is out of battery, it is an error that will certainly occur when starting up again. (please refer to the manual, "connection of the absolute battery"). If an error occurs, after leaving it for a few seconds, and reclosing the power, it will start-up.
Single-axis robot R series / C series ABSRCX Do we attach the backup battery for retaining the program data? Retainment of parameters, programs and point datas, are done by the battery built-in the controller. Please refer to the manual "Replacement of batteries". As an optional product, the "aboslute battery" is used for the retainment of the table position data.
Single-axis robot R series / C series ABSRCX I am doing I/O control. For confirmation, I inserted a programming board but the display would not show. What is the cause for this? If you are entering or running a sole use order from I/O, it is possible to monitor the I/O condition at ABTPB. If you are inserting ABTPB when the power is ON on the controller, you can insert by pushing the ESC switch of the controller. However, if you connect ABTPB while running the program or sole use order , the run will be ceased. (please refer to the manual "connection・disconnection to the controller").
Static electricity removing
Series Names Model Question Answer
Ionizers DTRY-ELB02 Do we need to buy a female molex connector for the wiring of DTRY-ELB02? We don't have to buy an AC.adapter, do we? A power and signal cable with a molex connector is attached, so that you don't have to buy the connector. Then, DC power source should be supplied.
Fluororesin equipments
Series Names Model Question Answer
Pure Process In general What kind of chemical solutions can be used for the products of Pure Process Series? This series includes air-operated valves, fittings and tubes, and almost all products of this series have fluoroplastic-made wetted parts. Therefore, the chemical solutions compatible with fluoroplastic can be used. Please ask the manufacturer of the chemical solutions about their compatibility with fluoroplastic. Note: Very a few models have the wetted parts made of materials other than fluoroplastic. For details, please check up in our catalogs.
Air-operated Valves In general Are there any air-operated valves which can adjust flow rate? You can select the one with flow rate adjusting mechanism as an option.
Air-operated Valves In general Can I use the air-operated valves to control gas? You can use it for gas control of N2 gas, air etc. However, in gas cases, valve seat leak may occur below 1cm3/min, so please be careful.
Fitting H Series In general Do the H fittings, need sole use tools when constructing? Sole use tools are not necessary.
Pure Process In general Will the models of the products distributed in the past, be discontinued? The models from the past, will continue to be distributed. The new series, compared to the old series, are superior in the outside dimensions and applications. Please consider the new series, when purchasing a new model.
Constant delivery pumps
Series Names Model Question Answer
Constant delivery pump In general What applications are the pumps used for? They are used in the applications to repeatedly and accurately dispense the fixed volume of chemical solutions. For example, many of them have been used to dispense photoresist solution in the semiconductor manufacturing process.
Constant delivery pump In general Can I adjust the quantity of the solution per delivery? Both pneumatic and electronic pumps have function to adjust the flow rate.
Constant delivery pump In general Is there dust from the pump? As there isn't a sliding position in the wetted part, it does not generate dust basically. However, there may be a slight possibility of generating dust when the check valve which is built-in the IN/OUT part moves.
Constant delivery pump In general Up to which degree of viscosity can the solution be used with Electric CT pump? For the Eletric RT pump, it is up to 200cP with standard. You can use up to 16,000cP with high viscosity application. However there is a restriction on the drive condition of the pump, depending on the liquid viscosity or pipe condition. Please consult our office when purchasing a new model.
Constant delivery pump In general What is the maximum discharge rate which you can correspond to? Air-operated bellows pump: 8cc.15cc.40cc.60cc/1shot. Electric bellows pump: 8cc.15cc.40cc.60cc/1 shot. Electric CT pump: 6cc.10cc.60cc.100cc.200cc/1 shot. The pump application and motor are different per type. Please consult our office for details.
Constant delivery pump Usage Can I use it as a process pump? Also, can I use it when I want to maintain flow rate of certain liters per minute? KOGANEI's constant delivery pump is a pump which delivers a constant rate of liquid with 1shot. It can not be used as a process pump that solution sends a constant rate continuously.
Constant delivery pump Usage Is there a controller which controlls the electric pump? There is a sole use controller(model:F-PCU02). As it is a stepping motor drive, it is possible for the user to control on their own.
Constant delivery pump In general Has this product acquired any patent? It has acquired some patents, in the use of techniques.
Constant delivery pump In general What is superior in the Electric CT pump, compared to the bellows pump? As it is a simple structure with no retention on the wetted part, the displacement characteristics of the liquid is superior, and also it is a rinse aid product.
Medium control equipments
Series Names Model Question Answer
Solenoid Valves B1094 Series B1094 By using B1094-CD, I tried moving B6022, proportion solenoid valve, but it would not move. Did you do an initial setting to adjust the open amount of the proportion solenoid valve? If you don't do this initial setting, it would not move.
Solenoid Valves B2000 Series B2000 Is there any retrictions for the installment direction of B2000? No, there are no restrictions.
Solenoid Valves B2632 Series B2632 With the proportion control valve, I'd like to setup the dead zone to 0. Is this possible? There is no "0" setup. If setup is done by "0", if the flow or pressure changes even slightly, it would change the valve opening. Therefore the valve would repeat ON/OFF constantly and would make the valve longevity dramatically short. Including the human error, input setup can not be done.
Solenoid Valves B6014T Series B6014T The circuit composition of B6014 is stated as "Universal" What does this refer to? "Universal" means that you can make it flow in any direction as follows. P to A / A to P / A to R / R to A.
Solenoid Valves B6223 Series B6223 Does the pressure control of proportion solenoid valve have only 4 steps? You can control by non-step.
Fluid Control Selection I'd like to flow highly acidic water. I'm looking for a inexpensive one with 800cc/min with 2port. We recommend B0117. However, depending in the concentration, sometimes it cannot be used. Please confirm.
Fluid Control Other Regarding the packing for the fluid control, how is the compatibility of NBR material and neutral liquid? If it is neutral, there is no problem.
Series Names Model Question Answer
IHI Content-metered quantitative valves Up to how many series is the manifold type of the content-metered quantitative valve possible? It can handle up to 7 series.
Cirucuit Air-circuit I made an interlevel arrest with a 20mm cylinder at 3 position, PAB connection. However, it would not arrest well. All port block would be better. If the load is large, please insert a regulator with a check valve and try to make a pressure balance.
Standard UL handling solenoid valve Do you provide an UL handling solenoid valve? We provide some of it, in our 040/240 series.
Flow   Is the consumption of the air content amount, a value at a compressed state? The air amount is atmospheric air pressure state (standard state).
Relief Valve   What is a Relief valve? A pressure control valve for relieving a part or whole of fluid in order to keep the pressure inside the circuit at the set value.