Environmental Activities

Activity Examples & Environmental Communication

Activity Examples

Main environmental activities Koganei has done are introduced as follows:

  • Introduction of TV Conference System

    It took much time and cost to have a meeting with other plants or offices because employees had to come to one place by car. Koganei has installed video conferencing to reduce CO2 emissions and expenses.

    Introduction of TV Conference System
  • Introduction of Compressors with Inverter

    Koganei has introduced compressors with inverters to decrease power consumption.

    Introduction of Compressors with Inverte
  • Introduction of Indoor Temperature Control System

    Due to the centralized control of indoor temperature, the power consumption was cut down in the summer time.

    Introduction of Indoor Temperature Control System

Environmental Communication

  • 1. Head Office

    Head Office is located in Midori-cho, Koganei-shi, Tokyo. There are still many trees remaining around the office: Tokyo Metropolitan Koganei Park, one of the best cherry blossom-viewing spots in Tokyo, and Tamagawa-Josui, a canal well known for a scenic beauty of “Koganei Cherry Trees”, etc. Koganei conducted the following activity in order to protect and preserve as many trees as possible.

    In fiscal year 2002, Koganei made a green plan and constructed a north annex of Technical Center preserving as many existing cherry trees as possible. In the spring, the cherry trees are covered in pink blossoms as beautiful as ones in Koganei Park. Not only employees but also local residents are much attracted by the cherry blossoms in the office.

  • 2. Komagane Plant

    Komagane Plant are surrounded by many trees including cherry trees as a so-called plant park, and we open the garden and recreation ground to kindergarten children and little league baseball teams in order to keep and deepen a friendly relationship with local communities.

    Komagane Plant
  • 3. Communication with Material Suppliers

    Koganei has promoted green procurement in accordance with Koganei Green Partner Program started in 2004. Koganei continues to communicate with suppliers and improve environmental quality.

    Communication with Material Suppliers
  • 4. Environmental Education
    General Environmental Education
    • Considering the environmental aspect of each workshop and job site, environmental education has been performed. From the 2005 fiscal year, the general environmental education was executed for all members of Koganei in order to arouse their awareness of environment.
    • This education was concentrated upon law compliance and solvents/wastes management.
    • The leaders of the environmental program in each section were trained as internal auditors in order to forward ECO-activities.
    General Environmental Education
    Emergency Trainings
    • Trainings assuming emergencies/accidents as well as self-imposed trainings for prevention of disasters were performed.
    Emergency Trainings
  • 5. Social action programs
    • Installed Green Fund vending machines and are helping to raise money for environmental activities.
    • Held a group blood drive to contribute to society.
    • Koganei has participated Ecocap Movement. The movement collects and recycles plastic bottle caps, encouraging recycling of plastic bottles and reducing CO2 emissions to be released from disposal, while selling the caps to recycling companies and receiving the payment in order to donate vaccines to children across the world.
    Social action programs
    • Every year we engage in a Clean-up Campaign where we pick up trash around our plants and clean inside the premises.
    Social action programs
    • Every year we participate in an event called the Environment Picnic along the Tenryu River sponsored by the Ina Techno-valley Regional Center of the Nagano Techno Foundation and cooperate in environmental beautification efforts.
    Social action programs